Gamebore 20g Competition

Gamebore 20g Competition 1oz #8 1246fps

  • Uses Gamebore’s exclusive Diamond Shot
  • True competitive 20 gauge cartridge
  • Same performance you expect out of all Gamebore shells
  • 1246fps @ 2.5 meters
  • Continental shot sizes
  • #8 Size = 2.2mm (.087)

Order 10 for 1 flat.

All Sales Final. Made in the UK

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Gamebore 20g competition shells are no longer an afterthought or just another sku for a shotshell company. Gamebore uses itsdiamond shot, powders and components to create a genuine competitive 20 gauge load. If you’re shooting any sub gauge discipline or even hunting, this shotshell gives you the same consistency you expect and patterning ability from Gambore’s award winning shells 12 gauge in a sub gauge package.

1246fps @ 2.5 meters from the muzzle. CIP Standards. Made in the United Kingdom

Order 10 for 1 flat.

Continental Shot Sizes

All Sales Final. No Returns.

If ordering more than 15 flats, please contact for a freight quote.


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