Gamebore White Gold 1oz 1295fps

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  • Uses Gamebore’s patented Diamond Shot
  • George Digweed’s cartridge of choice
  • 1295fps @ 2.5 meters
  • Updated components
  • Dual powders to reduce recoil
  • American Shot Sizes

Order 10 for 1 flat.

If ordering more than 15 flats, please contact for a freight quote

All sales final. Made in the UK.

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Gamebore White Gold 1oz is one of lightest shooting and consistent patterning cartridges you’ll ever use in your gun. Whether you’re shooting FITASC, Sporting Clays, Skeet or any other discipline, Gamebore makes sure to test how the shot is patterning at the target to maximize the performance of the shot.

Gamebore White Gold 1oz uses the exclusive diamond shot which gives you consistent patterning without getting deformed pellets giving your a better hit rate at longer distances. The smooth polish of the shot allows it to fly through the air more consistently and straighter. Open a shell up, and you’ll see the difference. A true champion & sportsman chooses Gamebore.

1295fps @ 2.5m from the muzzle. CIP Standards. Made in the United Kingdom

Shot is within range of American Shot standards.

#7.5 Size = 2.4mm (.094)

#8 Size = 2.3mm (.091)

Order 10 for 1 flat.

$12.00 per Flat for shipping

All Sales Final. No Returns.

If ordering more than 15 flats, please contact for a freight quote

Shot Size

7.5, 8

1 review for Gamebore White Gold 1oz 1295fps

  1. Mike Esposito
    5 out of 5
    (verified owner)

    Smooth shell with just the right amount of punch! A solid go to ammo for anyone wanting to hit targets with authority.

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