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Hello, and welcome to W. T. Sherman & Co! First off, thank you for visiting our site and getting to know us a little bit more. Hopefully you’ll stick around and help us fulfill our dream of expanding our site and continuing to bring you unique merchandise from around the globe. You might be wondering who we are? Well that’s a great question (and sometimes a complicated one!). It all got started because of a desire to start a company that caters to men looking for unique and special products. We like to believe we’re creating a treasure hunt for men looking for special items that allows you to be a bit smug when someone asks you, “Where’d you find that?! That’s awesome.”

We’ve always thought that there are too many unique products out there that people should know about instead of just buying whatever everyone else has or just the “top brands” which rely on discounts and not quality. That’s far too boring and you should show off your personality. Our products cater to the man with fine taste, style, a little bit of flair, an eye for good design and is always looking for quality merchandise. High quality is very important to us. A lot of places do not cater to men like this, or are too segmented out to several different stores; we’re trying to put it in one location to make everyone’s life easy. It’s fun to be different! We know that there are men who like to find things for themselves unlike some other outlets that assume you’re lazy and don’t have any taste. We hope you stay for a long time and enjoy the hunt.

We hope you enjoy our site and will continue to grow with us to create a long lasting partnership. We know the journey will be rough (hopefully not Donner Party rough), but we will do our best to remedy any mistakes and bring you the best and most unique products from around the world.

If you found something from somewhere exotic or from a tiny company, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll try to get it for you.


Will Krawczyk



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